Where to Start

Looking To Do Business In
Boone County

Are you in need of business services?

If so contact Growth Dimensions.
They are a 501C(6) public/private corporation focusing on promoting the Belvidere-Boone County region for new economic growth and development, while proving a variety of services. 

Where is your proposed business located?
Use the link below to help idenify what community your property is located in. You can enter a Property Idenification Number (PIN) or an address. If you need farther assistance feel free to call the Planning Department at (815) 547-6698. 

Boone County Maps

Below are links to contact infomation for other communities.

If your proposed business location is within unincorporated Boone County, start by filling out and submitting a Business Planning Application to the Building Department. Filling out this application helps identify the next step.