County Board Duties

Duties of the County Board - Sec. 2-20 Boone County Code

  1. Budget and appropriation ordinances:
    The board shall prepare and submit a tentative budget and appropriation ordinance, showing the balance on hand in each fund, the anticipated receipts, and the amount of money to be raised by taxation at the October meeting of the Board, which ordinance may be revised by the board prior to adoption at a recessed meeting to be held at a convenient date prior to December first. The annual budget and appropriation ordinance and tax levy shall be made conveniently available to public inspection at least fifteen (15) days prior to final action thereon.
  2. Appointment of committees, boards and commissions.
    The board shall appoint such committees, boards and commissions as are required by the Illinois Revised Statute and such other boards or committees as shall be deemed advisable and in the public interest.
  3. To provide buildings and office space.
    The board shall provide such buildings and office space as the county may require, house each elected official as required, and provide such parking areas as the board deems advisable.
  4. Installation of elected officials; bond.
    The board shall install each newly elected official, provide an adequate bond at county expense, and release such official upon the expiration of his term when the provisions of the statutes are complied with fully.
  5. Bond coverage for officers and employees.
    The board shall provide, as it deems fit, adequate bond coverage for employees and elected and appointed officials in positions of trust.
  6. Insurance
    The board shall insure against loss, as it deems fit, all property and equipment belonging to or being used by the county. Each County office or any entity with the responsibility of caring for county property shall submit an inventory of all tangible property, annually, to the appropriate committee.
  7. Health and welfare services
    The board shall provide such services in the fields of public health and welfare as are required by statute or as the board deems appropriate.
  8. Taxes
    The board shall establish and implement the assessment policy in the office of the Supervisor of Assessments for the county, enforce the collection of taxes, and defend the county in tax suits.
  9. Probation service; provision for dependent children
    The board shall cooperate with the courts in the establishment of a probation service and adequate provision for dependent children.
  10. Public health and welfare
    As it deems fit, the board shall enact such ordinances for the control of liquor, lodging, recreation, livestock health, rabies control, public health, plats, subdivisions, week control, garbage disposal, names of streets and highways, and other items as detailed in Chapter 34 of the Illinois Revised Statutes.
  11. Finances
    The board shall supervise all purchases, expenditures of all funds appropriated, check the semiannual and annual reports of all appointed and elected officials so required to report, and cause the books, records and accounts of the county to be audited for each fiscal year by an independent certified public accountant. Such audit shall cover the records and transactions of all funds and accounts of the county and of its officers and agents. It shall be made in accordance with generally accepted standards of audit procedure. The county board shall establish its over-all control of the fiscal affairs of the county through its annual budget and by such other actions as they shall deem necessary from time to time.
  12. Filling of committee vacancies
    The chairman of the county board has the authority to fill committee vacancies and committee chairmanships.
  13. Rules revision
    The chairman of the board from time to time may consider the revision of the rules of the board and committees and may make recommendations to the administrative and legislative committee.