County Board

The Boone County Board is comprised of 12 elected members, four members from each of the three districts in Boone County. The Chair and Vice Chair are elected by the members of the board. Board Members terms are two or four years. County Board minutes and records are kept by the County Clerk. Standing Committee minutes and records are kept by the Administration Office. Placement on standing committees is determined by the Board Chair. All committee meetings are open to the public, except for Closed Session. The public is encouraged to attend. 

The Boone County Board is the legislative body responsible for policy decisions related to operating County government.  Boone County utilizes the Committee of the Whole (COTW)structure in which a legislative body or other deliberative assembly is considered one large committee. All members of the legislative body are members of such a committee. This is usually done for the purposes of discussion and debate on a variety of issues.  Instrumental in this task are the functions of the two standing committees of the Board.

  • COTW - Administrative & Legislative Committee
  • COTW - Finance, Taxation & Salaries Committee

See the Boone County Board District Map to find out what district you are in, or check your voter registration card.