Animal Bite Prevention & Rabies

  • DO ... be careful around all dogs and animals
  • DO ... ask the pet owner before petting an animal
  • DO ... provide your pet with training. Basic commands are essential for having control of
  • your dog.
  • DON'T ... ever tease a dog.
  • DON'T ... disturb a dog while it is sleeping, eating or near puppies.
  • DON'T ... approach an injured animal - call Animal Services to help.
  • DON'T ... stare into a dogs eyes - it could be perceived as a challenge.

Illinois State Animal Control Laws REQUIRE ...
that you report ALL ANIMAL BITES to Animal Control

Rabies is a deadly virus that can be contracted through an animal bite. Untreated Rabies
exposure is %100 fatal! It is highly important that anyone bitten by an animal, especially
wildlife, report the incident so the animal can be captured and tested or so the person bitten
can receive the approriate treatment from a medical provider. To report an animal
exposure to a person, please contact 815-547-7774.