Clerk & Recorder

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Functions of the County Clerk & Recorder:
  1. Clerk of the County Board and Keeper of the County Records
  2. Chief Election Officer for Boone County
  3. Keeper of Vital Records (Birth, Marriage, & Death Records - vital records start in 1877)
  4. Computation of Property Taxes and Redemption of Delinquent Taxes
  5. Record and Maintain all Land Transactions for Boone County - (land records start in 1838)
Department Staff:
Julie A. Bliss,  Boone County Clerk & Recorder
Giselle Lenover,  Chief Deputy Recorder
Drew Cook,  Chief Deputy County Clerk
Laura Bettis, Deputy Clerk
Cindy Wilcox, Deputy Clerk
Carin Hunt, Deputy Clerk
Jessica Holmes, Deputy Clerk



Click here for Certified Copies of Birth, Death, Marriage and Land Record

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