All detainee mail must be sent to the following address:
(Inmate’s full name)
Boone County Jail
615 North Main Street
Belvidere, Illinois 61008

Things to remember when mailing letters to an incarcerated person:
-       All mail coming into the Boone County Adult Detention Facility is opened and searched for contraband.
-       Mailing contraband to a detainee is a crime.
-       All mail must be received through the United Stated Postal Service; you may not drop off letters or envelopes at the reception desk.
-       Envelopes may be no larger than 8.5 by 11 inches. Oversized greeting cards are not permitted. 
-       Do not affix any type of stickers or labels to the envelopes. Do not tape or glue anything to the envelope or contents. 
-       Do not put any glitter, confetti, locks of hair, or any foreign substance in the envelope.
-       Do not spray perfume or cologne on the envelope. Do not make lipstick impressions on the envelope or contents.
-       Please do not include any laminated items, hard plastic cards, new envelopes, blank paper, or postage stamps.
-       Do not send cash. You may include a Cashier's check to (B.C.A.D.F. Detainee’s name) We do not accept Money Orders.
-       You may send a photograph (5x7 or samller) However, photos may not show:
o    Nudity
o    Guns
o    Gang Signs or Affiliation
o    Drugs
o    Criminal Acts

  • No Polaroid Photos.
  • No magazines, newspapers or clippings of articles.