A demolition permit must be obtained before initiating demolition of any private or public building. The Boone County Health Department handles demolition permits in unincorporated Boone County. You can apply for a demolition by clicking the link below for our online citizen access portal. When we receive your application in the portal, we will call you for payment for the permit. 

Click here for our online citizen access portal to apply, check status of permits and to upload documentation for all Environmental services, including food, well and septic, water, real estate inspections, and nuisance complaints.

 After receiving these things, an inspector will be scheduled to perform a preliminary site visit. This is usually scheduled within 5-7 business days of receiving the application. The demolition permit is issued after the preliminary site visit, if there are no unusual circumstances.

A health inspector must perform a “clean hole” inspection prior to any cavities being filled in. The purpose of this inspection is to confirm that cavities, such as basements, will be filled in properly. Boone County Code prohibits using wood and other decomposable or combustible materials in fill. It is the applicant’s responsibility to call in 48 hour notice to schedule this inspection. The inspector may require the cavity to be re-excavated to confirm fill composition if no notice is given.

Demolition permits are valid for 90 days after the date of issuance. All demolition work, including hauling away debris, filling in cavities, and any required changes to existing water wells or private sewage disposal systems, must be completed during the life of the permit. One 60 day extension may be granted if requested prior to the expiration of the original permit, provided the demolition process has already commenced and an additional site verification is done by the Boone County Health Department. A final inspection will be done to confirm that all work has been finished.

Demolition by Burning:
It is illegal to demolish a building by burning. Even Fire Departments and farmers must obtain an Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) open burning permit to burn down a house or a building. Contact the IEPA Small Business Environmental Assistance Program at 800-785-6055 or the IEPA Bureau of Air Permit Section at 217-782-2113 for more information.

If you plan to demolish by burning and first obtain the open burning permit from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, please note that a demolition permit is still required from the Boone County Health Department.

Additional Requirements:
Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) may have additional requirements, such as applications, notifications and fees for demolitions. It is the property owner’s responsibility to comply with all applicable IEPA regulations. Forms are available at or or

Demolitions occurring within a municipality in Boone County do not require a County Demolition Permit but are not exempt from State requirements regarding the abandonment of water wells and private sewage disposal systems, and may still require a demolition permit from that municipality. Belvidere City Building Department handles demolitions occurring within Belvidere City limits. Call 815-547-7177 for more information.