IPLAN 2024 - 2027
IPLAN 2018-2023

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MAPP Phases
Phase One: Organize for Success

Phase Two: Visioning

Phase Three: The Assessments

Phase Four: Strategic Issues

Phase Five: Goals/Strategies

Phase Six: Action Cycle. Taking and Sustaining Action is where efforts of the previous phases begin to produce results, as the local public health system develops and implements an action plan for addressing priority goals and objectives. Prioritized issues will be continuously monitored through shared community indicators and will be revised or carried over to future Community Health Improvement (CHI) cycles to evaluate long-term impact. The Action Cycle links three activities — Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation. Each of these activities builds upon the others in a continuous and interactive manner. While the Action Cycle is the final phase of MAPP, it is a continuous cycle of community health improvement.

2024-2027 IPLAN/CHIP Process:
2023 Community Partner Assessment
Maternal Child Health (MCH) and Access to Care 
Barriers to Care And Health Equity
Community Context Assessment (CCA)
Community Status Assessment (CSA)