County Road List

The following is a list of highways the County maintains: 

  • Angling Road (A-27); Denny road to McHenry County Line
  • Beaverton Road (T-33); Hunter Road north to Manchester Road
  • Caledonia Road (T-21);Illinois Route 76 north to Hunter Road
  • Capron Road (T-41);Angling Road north to Hunter Road(excludes thru the Village of Capron)
  • Cherry Valley Road (A-64);Winnebago county Line southeast to DeKalb County Line
  • Crawford Road (A-49);Garden Prairie Road east to McHenry County Line
  • Denny Road (T-41);Grange Hall Road north to Angling Road
  • Garden Prairie Road (T-41);Crawford Road north to Woodstock Road
  • Genoa Road (T-40);U.S. Route 20 southeast to DeKalb County line
  • Grange Hall Road (T-41);Russellville Road east to Denny Road
  • Kirkland Road (T-25);Cherry Valley Road south to DeKalb County line
  • Logan Avenue (A-40);Belvidere Road to US Route 20
  • Manchester Road (A-12);Winnebago County line east to State Line Road
  • Poplar Grove Road (T-31);Kishwaukee River Bridge north to approx. one quarter mile south of Whiting Road and one half mile north of Illinois Route 173 north to Hunter Road
  • Russellville Road (T-41)Woodstock Road north to Grange Hall Road
  • State Line Road (A-12);Manchester Road east to Salt Box Road (Walworth, Wisconsin)
  • Woodstock Road (A-32);Poplar Grove Road east to McHenry County line

Highway maps can be purchased from the County Highway Department.
Cost and size of maps are: (price does not include postage)

21" x 34" map is $5.00