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The function of the State's Attorney's Office is two-fold. The State's Attorney's Office represents the People of the State of Illinois and is charged with the prosecution of violations of the criminal statutes of Illinois.tsmithpic

Other than traffic offenses occurring in the City of Belvidere, any crime occurring within the jurisdiction of Boone County is the Boone County State's Attorney's responsibility. Traffic offenses arising within the City of Belvidere are prosecuted by the city attorney.

The Boone County State's Attorney's Office prosecutes traffic, misdemeanor, and felony cases against both juvenile and adult offenders, and serves to protect children from abuse and neglect. If a citizen is the victim of a crime, the offense should be reported immediately to the police for investigation. Upon request of the police authority, the State's Attorney's Office will provide legal guidance to the police at any time, day or night.

The State's Attorney is also charged with the civil legal representation of Boone County. As a legal advisor, the State's Attorney's Office provides legal advice on contracts, policies, and ordinances, and provides opinions to the County Board, county elected officials, and department heads on their duties and responsibilities.

The State's Attorney's office serves as a resource for information concerning the Freedom of Information Act, the Open Meetings Act, and the Boone County Ethic's Ordinance. As a civil litigator, the State's Attorney's Office represents Boone County, its elected officials, and employees in civil litigation arising out of their official duties. These actions include the enforcement of Boone County ordinances.

The State's Attorney's Office can also assist in petitions for the involuntary commitment of those with serious mental illness who pose a threat to themselves or others or who are incapable of providing for their basic care.

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