Property Information

Tax & Assessment Information
If you have a Property Identification Number (PIN), you can look up a property's basic tax information here. Your property's PIN can be found on your tax bill. 

Appraisal Assessment Information
Here you can find basic assessment information on a parcel of land by using a Property Identification Number (PIN). Your property's PIN can be found on your tax bill. 

Property Maps
Boone County hosts online maps for public use. With a property PIN or address, you can view and print aerial photographs with lot lines and get zoning & flood information.

Sales Locator
The Sale Locator Tool was developed to provide interested parties the ability to easily check on sales activity of single family properties in Boone County. The search tool displays data for single family sales in Boone County which have occurred from January 1st, 2014 through the most recent sale available in the Boone County Supervisor of Assessments Office.  Sale details are based on information recorded on Real Estate Transfer Declarations.  Sale prices reflect the recorded net consideration for real estate after personal property has been deducted.  Click here to be directed to the Sales Locator web tool.