Raffle Licenses

Raffle License Application Adopted Nov 15, 2012

  1. Each application is valid for one raffle event only. Example, if you wish to regularly conduct a 50/50 raffle at your monthly membership meeting and have an annual fundraising raffle you will need to fill out two (2) raffle license applications. Example, if you are having a fundraising event and you will have a 50/50 raffle and a prize raffle you will only need to fill out one (1) raffle license application.
  2. A raffle license shall only be issued to a religious, charitable, labor, non-profit business, fraternal, educational, veterans organization which operate without profit and have been in existence continuously for five years. A raffle license may be issued to a non-profit fundraising organization that the licensing authority (County Board) determines is organized for the sole purpose of providing financial assistance to an individual or group suffering extreme financial hardship as the result of an illness, disability, accident, or disaster. The five-year rule mentioned above does not apply under these circumstances.
  3. All raffles require approval of the raffle managers of the County Board or the full Board.
  4. Applications should be delivered to the office of the Boone County Clerk, 1212 Logan Avenue, Suite 103, Belvidere.
  5. A Fidelity Bond, with the seal of a notary public, must accompany each raffle application.  The Fidelity Bond requires two signatures by officers.
  6. A fee of $25.00 shall be collected from the applicant, with checks payable to the Boone County Treasurer.
  7. Each individual license shall be valid for no longer than one (1) year from the date of approval by the Boone County Board.
  8. This list shall not constitute all aspects of the Boone County Raffle Code. Applicants should review Article II, Section 10 (Raffles) of the Boone County Code for full and complete details

(a) Class A: General raffle license. A general raffle license shall permit an organization the ability to conduct a raffle that may include multiple drawings to award the prizes but all drawings must occur on the same day and at the same location and within the confines of the same raffle event.

(b) Class B: Multiple raffles license. A Class B license allows multiple 50/50 raffles to be conducted within twelve (12) consecutive calendar months. Such license shall permit no more than 52 raffle events. 

(c) Class C: One time emergency raffle license. A Class C raffle license allows a not-for-profit fund raising organization or group, organized for the sole purpose of providing financial hardship assistance to an identified individual or group of individuals suffering severe financial hardship as a result of an injury, disability, accident or disaster, to conduct one raffle event for that purpose. All drawings must occur on the same day and at the same location and within the confines of the same raffle event.

(d) Class D: Calendar Raffle. The county board shall approve all calendar raffles. Applicants shall appear before the County Board or at any committee designated by the County Board. A 12-month raffle license shall permit the conduct of a raffle or raffles as defined above. Class D raffles shall be licensed annually for a period not to exceed 12-month period commencing on the day after the license is approved by the county board. Such license shall permit no more than 52 raffle events.

(e) Class E: Limited annual raffle license. A limited annual raffle license permits an organization to regularly conduct raffles among its own membership at a regularly scheduled organizational meeting. Chances for these raffles may only be sold, and the drawings held, on the day of the meeting. Such licenses shall permit no more than 52 raffle events per year.