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Boone County Sheriff Scott Yunk

Lt. Jodi Ewers - Jail Superintendent

The Boone County Adult Detention facility completed a jail expansion in early 2003. The jail was expanded from 48 beds to now hold 150 detainees.

This architectural style is complimented by a detainee management style referred to as Direct Supervision. Direct Supervision requires that staff closely supervise detainees in the day room of a housing unit that allows staff direct unobstructed contact with the detainees. A staff member assigned to the unit supervises detainees in an environment that is best described as a "policeman walking a beat". The officer in the housing unit coordinates all unit activities, reinforcing detainee behavior by acting as a role model. In Direct Supervision jails positive behavior is rewarded by access to privileges such as classes, games, television, and day room time. Detainee’s negative behavior is reinforced by the use of negative consequences for not following the rules. Consequences for detainees not abiding by the facility rules may range from short lock downs in their cells, limiting access to the unit activities or removal from the housing unit to a more restrictive unit.  

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